Pubic Hair | And How To GET RID OF IT

Everyone struggles with maintaining the hair downstairs, and with so many options on how to go about it, no one can ever be sure of the ‘right’ way to handle it. You can cut, trim, dye (Hot pink anyone?) or even Vajazzle, there is no ‘right’ way, and there is no correct look or design. But, a few things should be considered when getting rid of unwanted pubic hair.


Tools of the trade


Waxing is currently one of the most popular ways to achieve temporary hair removal. Using Specialised Wax, the Beauty Therapist can remove hair from the root, creating a smooth result for as long as 6 weeks. This method however effective can be quite painful for the first few visits.


Shaving is one of the easiest ways to remove hair as it is both painless and efficient, a razor is used to remove surface hair, however, the hair below remains. This can cause issues such as ingrown hairs, razor burn, and irritation.


IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a highly effective semi-permanent solution to all unwanted hair problems, however, there are limitations. Those with light coloured hair or red hair will not be able to use this option as the light cannot effectively damage the root. This treatment requires a minimum of 10 visits to allow for semi-permanent hair reduction.





Tidy up the edges with a Bikini Wax - great for first-time waxes. The hair on the front, labia & bum will remain while the top and sides will be removed; perfect for brief bikinis and bikini shorts.

Double Bikini

An Extended Bikini Wax otherwise known as a Calfaforian, is perfect for low waist bikinis as it removes a few more centimeters of hair on the edges and top of the pubic hair, while still leaving the labia and bum untouched.


The G-string was is (like the name suggests) perfect for low riding G-string bikinis, this wax removes all hair from the bum & labia while a small triangle remains on the front of the pubic area.


The Brazillian leaves you squeaky clean and hairless all over, hair is removed from the front, bum and labia. Perfect for all bikini types, however not recommended for a first time waxer.


Shapes let your imagination run wild, while the most popular shapes are squares, triangles & hearts. Letters can also be made to suit any special occasion.



Quirky Trends


Vajazzle makes use of crystals, glitter, and other decorations to spice up a normally unappealing area. While currently not a popular option, and rarely provided by Beauty Therapists, it creates a sense of fun and amusement; and with the new glitter trend on the rise, we will most likely be seeing a comeback of the service soon.


Dye is the act of temporally dying the public hair a different colour, normally paired with a shape waxing (i.e. a red heart). This, as well as Vajazzling, caused controversy when first announced, however, has remained a staple and fun accessory to any waxing experience.


Well, there we go, the simple and partially complete guide of tidying and sparkling up your hair down there.

Have an amazing day!


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